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Free speech Therapy Assessment for new cases

Sep 24, 2022 – Oct 31, 2022

One time Free speech therapy assessment for all new cases consulted by Dr Kondekar

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[2:30 pm, 11/05/2022] drkondekar: Why people tend to not comply with medicines or therapies in the long run?
1. They accept that problem is not going to improve, and their kid is special because
2. They donot find a substantial change in the child as they expected because
3. They did not notice t...

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key principles in autism reversal:
1.Dont be Special, turn into social
2.To make social, switch from object world based teaching to people and action based teaching
3.To develop communication; switch from screen based learning to body language based learning
4.To develop language, switch from se...

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Dont worry about the label.. just keep working making them able.

Even if you dont have diagnosis or label.. it doesnt matter.. it should not stop u from starting goal directed therapies or meds towards targetted development.

First year of life is sensory motor...
Let's make the child sense the environment.
If the sense doesn't get tuned, it gets diverted as Hyperness. I see many parents loving let it be attitude in hyperness, which spoils further development. Treating hyperness in time is very important to plan a set...

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A normal baby at 2 months gives 2 second eye contact, at 6 months, 6 second, at 10 months 10 second, at 2 years age 2 minutes and at 5 year age 5 minutes.
Eye contact doesn't mean noticing u [2 seconds] it means eye to eye sustained contact more than 5 seconds [to develop a connection], a connect...

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1000 sight words and then 100 joining sight words are needed to learn action words verbs..
Knowing 100 verbs is needed to learn sentence of 2 words, small phrases
1000 sentences will make child ready for pre-math concept.
10000 words to speak 3 word sentence.
10000 sentences to fluency

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3 ways of daily systematic audio intervention to a speech delay child:
1. Running commentary of objects and actions around child every day
2. Vocabulary list with columns understands and talks
3.daily 6 hour family radio time with vocal frequencies in morning (passive)
#makingsense without senso...

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a month ago
Dr santosh is one of the best doctor. He is approachable. Always gives quick response whenever needed.he gives time to observe your child and understand your concerns. He gives lots of positivity . Very compassionate doctor. Highly recommended
- astha d
3 months ago
He is such an amazing doctor. The best part is he is always available whenever needed. He has handled all the issues so well. Very compationate. I really thank God that I found such an amazing doctor for my son.
- Sushmita D
a month ago
In May we found out that my son Ridhaan (2 years seven months) has ASD. I was very nervous. What will happen now? Searching website I found autism doctor in Mumbai title Board and I came across Dr. Kondekar's reference, watched some videos about it and saw a glimmer of hope. We took a doctor's appointment. we started doing as he said. Started occupational therapy with Dr. Dipali. I am very happy to say that the changes are incredible. My son has improved tremendously. He sits in one place for a long time, his concentration is increased, he listens carefully, he does as he is told, he talks a lot. Child Songs in Marathi, English Poem Speaks, asks for what he wants. He remembers everything that is taught to him. The credit of all these changes goes to Dr. Kondekar and Dr. Dipali.
- Mrunal I

Goal Directed  Cognitive Approach GDCA  is Dr Kondekars Protocol in helping autism kids and parents understand and manage the development in an autism kid by improving communication, understanding, cognition,Speech and Language.
Autism,speech delay, hyperactivity ASD 
We cater to cases with speech delay, autism, ADHD, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, Learning disability and constipation and appetite issues.
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  Often kids are labelled with various problems related to learning, very casually. Without using exact criteria for diagnosis issues like autism, hyperactivity, learning disability or poor school performance. 
These kids need to be assessed by neuro pediatrician to understand key areas of developmental lacunae in a given child which often may be related to some definable disability.  The ND assessment will classify the severity or grade of same and the pediatrician will decide the priority and further reference, follow up and reassessment along the targetted goals; with help of medicines, brain nutrients, neuro modulators and goal directed occupational therapy and speech Therapy. Often there may be a need to perform iQ tests, and various assessments or take help of counselor or remedial educator or behavioural therapist and psychologist. A Pediatrician is the key coordinator of the whole multidisciplinary management. Following up with just a single specialist may make the child vulnerable to have hidden undiagnosed but modifiable morbidities and hence the need for periodic reassements.#DrSK #PedNeuro #CDC #Mumbai click to know more

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